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Wangaratta Historical Properties

The Wangaratta Historical Society has extensive information on many other historical properties in Wangaratta and surrounds. The properties are privately owned and are not open for viewing except on special occasions.

A heritage study has been conducted within the Wangaratta region and it was found that our region has a significant number of historical properties. The Society has a complete list of these. Below are three of the more significant historical properties in the region.


Bontharambo property, situated north Wangaratta, was settled by Rev Joseph Docker, one of the districts first settlers, in 1838. Bontharambo homestead was built in 1843 and was known as the house with the tower. This property is still in the Docker family ownership. Bontharambo is a heritage listed building with the National Trust of Australia.


Waldara a homestead north west of Wangaratta. Was built in 1883 by Mr Joseph Trotman, one of Wangarattas first settlers. Waldara was purchased by Mr O.E.Usher in 1965, it was later sold to the Waldara Golf Club and is still the clubhouse.


Warra is a Victorian family residence situated at 3 Murdoch Rd and was built in 1908 by Mr Henry Murdoch, a clerk of courts for the district. Warra has a National Trust listing and possesses a fireplace surround featuring the likeness of Warra, a local aboriginal leader.

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